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What We Do

It’s so much more than just a move . . . 

Making a move at any age can be difficult and stressful. After 20, 30, or even 40 years in your current home, the process of rightsizing and relocating to a new home is overwhelming. Additionally, it carries with it emotional stressors associated with aging, independence, loss, socializing insecurities and preparing for a whole new way of life.

SRP Services

Downsizing & Organizing

• Preparing for your downsizing needs by organizing, sorting, and decluttering.

• Creative organizational ideas implemented to optimize the space in your new home.

Customized, Digital Floor Plans

• Combining the measurements of your furniture with the measurements of your new home, we graphically place each piece in a floor plan so that you can see what your new home will look like before you move-in.

Pack, Unpack, Resettle

• Thoughtful packing that includes a detailed manifest so that unpacking is simplified.

• All boxes are unpacked and discarded, items are put away and artwork is hung, bed is dressed.

Logistics & Planning

• Whether it’s a move or a bereavement cleanout, SRP will create a customized thoughtful plan for you.

• Interviewing, obtaining quotes, scheduling and supervising movers.

• Change of address notification and cable, internet & phone transfers.

Cost Efficient Solutions

• Vetted vendors.

• Creative thoughtful action plan focused on your financial health.

• Utilizing what you own rather than suggesting to buy something new.

Donate, Sell, Upcycle

• Arranging for the disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sale, buy-out, consignment, donation or a combination of the above.

SRP (Senior Relocation Partners) team members are highly qualified Senior Move Managers who specialize in helping older adults and their families, as well as individuals and businesses, through the daunting process of organizing, downsizing and relocation.

SRP is a privately-owned, concierge moving and relocation service specifically catering to the needs of seniors in the New York/Westchester and Connecticut areas.  Our mission is to transform what can be a scary, overwhelming and difficult time in a person’s life into a seamless, easy and stress-free process, in which every logistical detail is handled efficiently.

We customize each of our clients’ moves based on their individual needs – from floor plans to hanging artwork, no request is too big or too small for our expert team.

Please reach out for a complimentary initial consultation to learn more about our services.

When first talking about a move,
you may be overwhelmed with questions

“What do we do with all of my Mom’s old photos?  We don’t even know who’s in them!?”

“I love my Mother’s china but we’re just not that formal.  Is it worth any money?”

“My Dad doesn’t realize how little he can actually take with him to the assisted living facility.  How do we help him choose what he really needs?”

“Downsizing is one thing but who will be at the senior residence to help my mom unpack and feel secure in her new home?”

Together we will review these and any other questions, create a floor plan, a realistic timeline, check-lists of what needs to be completed, prepare any donations you decide to make as well as determine what, if anything, you and your parents wish to sell.  Through years of experience doing these special kinds of moves, we know how emotionally fraught it can be to decide what to do with a life’s worth of prized possessions when downsizing is a necessity.  We have the experience and the objectivity necessary to help guide you through these decisions with sensitivity and efficiency.

 We invite you to reach out to us today with your specific questions and unique challenges and we would love to spend the time necessary to better plan your move.  If you are interested in working with us, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for your review.  We are here for you and your families. We invite you to reach out today.

Senior Relocation Partners, LLC is a fully licensed and insured service company.